MOL Nordic Tankers supports the global work with the UN SDGs. Based on thorough analysis, we have pinned out three goals that we currently work on.


Goal 3 - Good health

MOL Nordic Tankers works actively to improve the global general health and well-being. Continued reduction of discharges to the sea as well as the benefit of the general health. Further, we are setting requirements for suppliers within ship design, construction and scrapping to respect labor rights and safety practices.


Goal 13 - Climate action

We are firmly committed to reduce CO2 emissions from ships. By improved every efficiency within our operation and by setting requirements for suppliers within ship design and construction for low- or zero-carbon ships, a reduction of GHG emission can be achieved.


Goal 14 - Life below water

MOL Nordic Tankers supports initiatives that protect the oceans such as the Ballast Water Convention, bio fueling measures as well as the MARPOL convention, to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources in a respectful manner.


To learn more about our CSR policies and initiatives, please follow the link below: